Havana Conference Center, Varadero, Cuba, from 25 to junio 29, 2017
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Workshops , Symposia and Activities

Convention Workshops and Symposia and other activities:


Fourth Workshop on New advances in Immunopharmacology

Second Symposium on Clinical & Translational Oncology (Solid Tumors/Blood Cancer)

Fourth Symposium on Inflammation and Pain

First  Workshop   on  Neuroimmunopharmacology   and Neuroimmunomodulation

Fourth Symposium on Pharmacology of Cytochrome P 450 and transporters



Fourth Workshop on Pharmacology of Prophylactic vaccines

Symposium on Meningococcal Vaccines

Symposium on Pneumococcal Vaccines

Symposium on Pertussis Vaccines

Symposium on Enteric Vaccines

Symposium on Tuberculosis Vaccines

Symposium on Vaccine Technology and Bioprocesses

Symposium on Viral Vaccines

Symposium on Vaccines Standardization, QC and 3Rs

Fourth Workshop on Pharmacology of Therapeutic vaccines

Symposium on Cancer Vaccines



Second Symposium on Atherosclerosis: From Basic Research to New Therapeutic Strategies

First Symposium on Gene Therapy

First Symposium on NFkB



Joint  Meeting  between  the   Cuban  and  the Japanese Society of Pharmacology

Course “Principles of Pharmacogenomics (organized by Professor Dr. Russ Altman)