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The Cuban Society of Pharmacology, the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) and their respective Sections of Immunopharmacology, as well as the most prestigious Cuban institutions in the field of immunology, immunopharmacology, vaccine development and biotechnology sciences are organizing the Second International Convention IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY–VACCIPHARMA 2017, scheduled for June 25-29, 2017 at the Meliá Marina Varadero Hotel, in Varadero beach, Cuba. This Convention is the fusion of the 4th International Congress on Immunopharmacology (IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY 2017) and the 4th International Congress on Pharmacology of Vaccines (VACCIPHARMA 2017)

These Congresses will be running in parallel, organized in the following Workshops and Symposia:



  • Fourth Workshop on New advances in Immunopharmacology
  • First  Workshop   on  Neuroimmunopharmacology   and Neuroimmunomodulation
  • Fourth Symposium on Pharmacology of Cytochrome P 450 and transporters


  • Fourth Workshop on Pharmacology of Prophylactic vaccines
  • Fourth Workshop on Pharmacology of Therapeutic vaccines


  • Second Symposium on Atherosclerosis: From Basic Research to New Therapeutic Strategies
  • First Cuban Symposium on NFkB
  • First Symposium on Gene Therapy


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